Photo Shootout Contest Winners-2014

2014 Winners

Best of Show – Rod Martinez: White River Winds Through Fall Colors – #39

river and hills

Best of Show – Rod Martinez

[Numbers refer to display placement at the museum in the show]

Theme Division

Child 1st Place – Sienna Ratieta: Light Through a Window – #40

Amateur 1st Place – Sky Olsen: Introspection – #23

Amateur 2nd Place – Cheryl Stocks: Capistrano’s Chimes – #66

Advanced Amateur 1st Place – Pam Wardell: October Surprise – #19

Advanced Amateur 2nd Place – Ellen Brown: Ross Castle Moat-Ireland – #33

Professional 1st Place – Tamra Hamblin Ratieta: Through An Icy Window – #67

Landscape – Open Division

Child 1st Place – Sienna Ratieta: Misty Mountain – #47

Child 2nd Place – Sienna Ratieta: Zion – #21

Amateur 1st Place – Kellie Shepard: Winter Falls – #5

Amateur 2nd Place – Jordan Evans: Autumn Desolation – #2

Advanced Amateur 1st Place – R. Gary Dow: Mirrored Meditation – #32

Advanced Amateur 2nd Place – Chad Hamblin: Willow Creek Overlook – #26

Pro 1st Place – Rod Martinez: Monument Valley – #22

People – Open Division

Amateur 1st Place – Aubrey Janowicz: Small Wonders – #36

Amateur 2nd Place – Marilyn Wallis: Sharing Wisdom – #10

Advanced Amateur 1st Place – Angela Hanberg: Father of the Bride – #31

Advanced Amateur 2nd Place – Corina Ackerman: Sunshine – #27

Pro 1st Place – Karri Morris: American Summer – #46

Pro 2nd Place – Tamra Hamblin Ratieta: Friends – #28

Flora/Fauna – Open Division

Child 1st Place – Sienna Ratieta: Elliot – #84

Amateur 1st Place – Kelli Shepard: Elsa’s Flora – #71

Amateur 2nd Place – Sky Olsen: Got Milk? – #78

Advanced Amateur 1st Place – Debi Tracy: Green Green (Silk) Grass of Home – #13

Advanced Amateur 2nd Place – R. Gary Dow: Serenity – #11

Pro 1st Place – Tamra Hamblin Ratieta: Honey Bee – #62

Pro 2nd Place – Rod Martinez: Good Morning – #24

Our Juror, Mike Conaway, is an award winning photographer with over 40 years of hard work and dedication to his photography. He has been published and has had exhibits throughout Wyoming and Montana. His work has been selected for the museum at the University of Wyoming Contemporary Art in Wyoming Traveling Exhibit, and has been selected for the Wyoming Governors’ Capital Art Exhibit throughout the last several years.
“My sole purpose in this photographic journey is to share with my audience my love for this art and the environment in which we all are a part.”

Photo Shootout GalleryRod Martinez & Christine Smith

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